WRITE-AWAY – the advanced writing course

Have you been writing for while...maybe a few years now? Are you considering making freelance writing into a more lucrative & engaging occupation? But don’t know how? Here’s how the Write-Away writing course with Writeword can help you.


  • CORPORATE WRITING: What are the different kinds of writing work that you can do for companies? Explanation of different formats and writing practise.
  • WRITING FOR PR FILMS: The different kinds of writing one can do for PR firms – brand promotional articles, press releases, white paper etc.
  • E-MAILERS: How to write and how to go about sourcing them? Again writing exercises.
  • Approaching companies & PR firms for writing work. How do you pitch your work & self to them? Whom to contact in companies?


Every lesson will be emailed to you, one at a time. Lessons will have an assignment at the end, which you will complete and email back to me. You will get the next lesson only on successful completion of the previous. The crux of the course lies in the numerous writing exercises that I will take you through.


On successful completion, you will be assisted in connecting with corporates & PR firms. 



This is an online course, hence the duration is flexible. You can do it at your time and pace. If you devote 45 minutes per session, for 3 days a week...you should be done in time.


  • DURATION: One month
  • COURSE FEES: Rs. 5,000 only.