Don’t let ineffective writing get in way of your career. Writing sharp & smart is crucial for every professional. The WRITE SMART course does just that for you. Elaborate lessons and interesting writing exercises, it helps you write better.




  • How to write crisp & concise? The tonality of your writing.
  • Summarizing – an excellent writing tool – multiple lessons on this
  • Grammar, punctuation & sentence construction
  • Writing a good report, business proposal
  • Essential email etiquettes


Every lesson will be emailed to you, one at a time. Lessons will have an assignment at the end, which you will complete and email back to me. You will get the next lesson only on successful completion of the previous. The crux of the course lies in the numerous writing exercises that I will take you through.



  • DURATION: Month and a half

  • This is an online course, hence the duration is flexible. You can do it at your time and pace. If you devote 45 minutes per session, for 3 days a week...you should be done in time.


  • COURSE FEES: Rs. 6,000 only.