"I loved your course. You made me think and be creative. Your small tips helped and still helps. Your course is a confidence builder and helped a lot in realizing that I can write more than official reports and just project reports. I loved your lessons and the assignments given by you. "


Student of WRITEWOMAN course


" I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course, Kanchana. It made me realize that I can write too! and pretty well at that! What I especially liked about your material is that it covers even minute details and is so self-explanatory. You have made everything so easily graspable with use of good examples. :) It was a learning experience; it helped me connect more with myself. Kindly keep in touch and keep letting know about your future classes. I'd love to join in for some advanced course :)"


Student of the Write smart course


"I think your course was very helpful and touches the write areas that need help. I felt that the content and topics are excellent and have made me aware while writing and I bear in mind the minute details in mind to improve ...something I never did before! "


Owner of Art Gallery Artistree, Mumbai did the WRITE SMART course


" I am a student of Kanchana and have done one writing course and have already enrolled for the second! The beauty of these courses are they are not overtly complicated; and are meant to keep it simple and straightforward. They have clear instructions, goals, and guidelines with an extremely logical approach. Kanchana as a mentor is also very encouraging while at the same time gives extremely direct feedback. All in all, I think Kanchana has put in a lot of effort and I would only wish her success in her venture."


Bangalore, Student of the WRITEWOMAN & WRITEAWAY course


"I am really grateful to you for introducing me to the world of WRITING. The lines below convey my feelings for the same. "My thoughts were wandering aimlessly, here and there, Writeword anchored them and see, how creatively they landed on paper! Thanks Kanchana! For making me believe that I am a Writer"


Bangalore, Student of the WRITEWOMAN course


"Kanchana worked on a Sandoz newsletter. She conceptualized the editorial content from scratch and had many creative inputs to give. She is committed to her work and has on occasions stepped up to meet crazy deadlines even on a short notice. I wish her all the best with Writeword...and hope she continues her association with Sandoz too!!"


Head-Human Resources (Country and TechOps), Sandoz Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai


"Kanchana worked on a challenging project for one of our clients – Godrej & Boyce. She came up with creative editorial suggestions for every issue; ideas that were different and innovative. Her ability to understand a brief, think differently and research hard to conceptualize content that stands apart is commendable. I wish her the very best in her endeavour."


CEO, Direct & Digital, INDIA , M&C SAATCHI, Mumbai


"Kanchana is an excellent writer and she brings passion and purpose to her work that translates to good quality writing. She understands and adapts well to client requirements and brings an audience focus to all her communication work. The big bonus is that she is not only creative but also reliable!"


Corporate Communications, HUL, India


"I have been a freelance writing for four years now, but I did the course with Kanchana a few months back. This has helped me in improving my style of writing. Thank you so much for all your help and support!!!!!!"




"Just wanted to say that your course really helped me improve my writing skills and of course, thank you for all the opportunities you sent our way. I love writing and I can see myself doing this regularly!"


Student, Writewoman course


"I am fortunate enough to have a few of Kanchana's students write for my site Magicalhomes.in. What I've felt is that not only do her students emerge technically strong, they also emerge as good writers who are able to express themselves in a very articulate manner. I find no difficulty in sharing challenging topics with them and they are always able to come back with articles that explore the topics from interesting angles, are well written and make an excellent read."


FOUNDER & EDITOR, www.magicalhomes.in


"Writeword's writing courses are top-notch with interesting and very relevant writing exercises, that guarantee hands-on approach towards creative writing. Apart from being an excellent coach, Kanchana invests time and effort in understanding the innate writing skills of her students & drives them towards "their kind of writing". I have gained a lot of practical knowledge that's going to be my survival kit in the crammed world of freelance writing. I feel her course has the ability to change good writers into great content-providers, and help motivated individuals make a mark of their own, slowly but surely."


{amitapkamat@gmail.com/ & http://www.linkedin.com/in/amitakamat}


" A course in creative writing with Writeword taught me a lesson for life; that each individual has a story to tell, what you just need is to learn the craft of scripting it. This course not only equipped me with all that it takes to be a successful writer but also packed me with those minute details about the approach that’s required to make it big. I can’t thank Kanchana enough for being such a great mentor throughout my association with her ."

MEETA SABNIS, Mumbai – India






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