"All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down."


About Writeword

Yes, writing is tough. But it isn’t rocket science. You too can write and write well. All you need is loads of practise and someone experienced to guide you. This isn’t a weekend course that promises to wave a magic wand and enhance your writing skills in a jiffy. If you’re ready to work at it, Writeword promises to help you all the way.

Easy to follow courses, thoughtfully prepared to help you through the maze; you’ll be taken through series of writing exercises. That along with the valuable feedback will make you a better writer. There are innumerable blogs where you can read about how to be a better writer. Here, at Writeword; the writing exercises and the feedback is what will make the difference. Be prepared to rewrite assignments; that’s the only way to learn.

Courses offered


  • 1.

    Lost for words??!! Do you sometimes wish you could seamlessly put your thoughts to words? You may be employed with a company or have just started your own venture... if you feel the need to write better, the WRITE SMART COURSE is for you. [...]


  • 2.

    Are you a professionally qualified woman... who left a satisfying career for domestic reasons? Yes? You did that willingly but the urge to do something meaningful and creative burns deep inside. Join the WRITEWOMAN writing course and walk a new path – that of a freelance writer.[...]


  • 3.

    Already a freelance writer? Great!! Explore new horizons with the WRITE-AWAY writing course and let your freelance writing career take flight!! [...]